Bolkiah Hotel Group is one of the world's largest and most dynamic hotel groups with 55 distinctive hotel brands with more than 2,500 hotels in destinations around the world. Our portfolio of hotel brands includes: 5 stars hotels. Beach resort.

Angola - Brunei – Thailand – Indonesia – Sri lanka – Japan – Papua new guinea Caribbean – Antilles – Mauritius – Kazakhstan – Russia – Uk – Namibia – Kenya Antigua and Barbuda – Bahamas – Bahrain – Belize – Comoros – Cambodia – Dominican Republic – Fiji – Estonia – India – Iran – Lebanon – Malaysia – Monaco – Panama


At Bolkiah Hotel Group, we strive to make Every Moment Matter by being a true host and best partner.

We provide meaningful, delightful and inspiring experiences for our guests, and insightful and responsive client support for our hotel owners. We’ve aligned around the power of the our independent brands to bring even more including flexibility and approachability that you won’t find with other brands. We thrive in the presence of uniqueness and we are here to think with you to help you succeed.

 How our business works

We operate hotels in three different ways – as a franchisor, a manager and on an owned and leased basis. We focus on the mainstream, upscale and luxury segments of the hotel industry and have a targeted portfolio of brands individually tailored to meet guests’ needs and occasions.