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About Us

Triumph Property is a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Company.

Designed to provide a turnkey solution for accredited investors and institutions seeking income and capital appreciation via investment in a diversified portfolio of multifamily apartment communities and Flip Properties.

Value Proposition

Above 7% Return

Triumph Property offers guaranteed return of above 7%.

High Return – Low Risk

Our business model, generate high return with low risk. Our business is ideal of portfolio diversification.

Dividend Income + Capital Appreciation

REIT’s are bound to give 90% of taxable income as dividend to shareholders, also REIT gets good capital appreciation in every year.

Help Community to Grow

Our Projects, not only generate high return for Shareholders, but also it help our community to grow, by generating more economical activities.

Our Team

Alex Deluca

VP of Sales and Acquisition

Alex Deluca

VP of Sales and Acquisition

Rafael Rodriguez


Raul Maxbrown

VP of Operations


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