The fact is that successful branding is from the Inside-Out!
For all of us at The Total Source Company, our success in helping build our various clients’ brand has not been with the simple development of a logo, and an attractive and optimized website. In fact, developing a successful brand begins from an understanding that successful branding is being able to deliver on what you promise.

Successful branding is a long-term effort that requires not only a full understanding of what makes your company’s service or product unique from that of your competitions but a commitment to deliver that uniqueness as promised.

Therefore, successful branding is knowing what you can promise that is unique and setting in place structures, plans, policies and procedures that will help insure that your customers receive just what you promised. Thus delivering  the promise from the Inside-Out!

The Total Source Net Company has been helping local, regional and national brands better understand the difference between just advertising and effective brand marketing  since 2009 and in effect, have a proven track record of providing better and more successful returns on our clients marketing investments.

Services included in our branding efforts include:

  • Facilitating a Strategic Planning and Brand development effort.
  • Developing an effective business plan and/or marketing plan and budget.
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Review and development of pricing and promoting new products and services
  • Help in reviewing and development of processes, policies and procedures.
  • Development of tracking mechanisms to help measure the return on investment.
  • Ongoing support and management execution if needed.
  • And of course, logo design, graphic and web design and marketing, social media management, media buying and placement and more.