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Get Effective Astro Solutions By Famous Best Astrologer In Delhi

AMRITESHWAR ANAND JI has been practicing Astrology and Sadhna for over 25 years now which he has learnt from great gurus in the Guru Shishya Parampara.

He gained knowledge in mantra vigyan, yantra vigyan, and science of energy urja vigyan at a very young age of 38 with sheer devotion in the lotus feet of the saints.He started his journey at a very young age of 7 when SIDHGURU SWAMI MAHAMANAV MRITUANJAI PREMANAND SARASWATI JI gave shakti paat Diksha.

From then onwards he has also been practicing Mantra Vigyan (Science of Mantras) in the kind guidance of his GURUS only and has by their divine grace witnessed mystic experiences as well.

Over years, Amriteshwar ji has performed worships (sadhanas) of Dus Maha Vidhya and great Divine Mother ‘MAA BAGLAMUKHI SADHNA’ in particular. Guruji is also a Sadhak of Lord Mahamritunjaya, bestowed with healing capabilities by his GURU.

Our Online Astrology Guidance

Astrologer AMRITESHWAR ANAND offering high quality, accurate, reliable, and on-time Online Astrology Guidance that run from online and face-to-face interactive counseling to Effective Guidance and Remedial Measures in relation with guidelines consisting of effective remedies, among myriad of approaches recommended by its chief astrologer and founder, Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant now hailed as a Best Astrologer in Delhi India, and a leading name in the vanguard of Vedic Astrology Services.

Astrologer On Phone

Facing problems in your life? Talk to Famous Professional Astrologer at PavitraJyotish today for accurate…

Book An Appointment

Get an appointment for solutions related to problems of every aspect of your life by India’s famed astrologer, Pt Umesh Pant.

Career Report 1 Year

Get career report consisting of best solutions for problems related to dimensional aspects of your career…

Love And Marriage Prospects

Want to know your love and marriage prospects? Know your Love and Marriage Horoscope Problem Solution…

Personal Ask A Question

Have something on mind? Rest assured. Our personal ask a question is just what you need to get your problems solved.

Remedial Solution For Career

Get remedial solution for career issues through our efficient and on the spot service offered by genuine astrologer.

Solution For Personal Issues

Solve your personal problems through our unique remedial solution for Personal issues provided by…

Horoscope Reading

Want to know what your kundali holds for your future? Our horoscope reading service will help you. Get it now.

Strength Reading For Career

Strength reading for career is our unique astro based solution designed to improve you on intellectual level. Get it now.

Kundali Match Matching

Kundali match making is our unique astro-based solutions aiming to help you find best match leading to prosperous marriage

5 Years Predictions

Our 5 years prediction is a comprehensive year-wise astrological report. It can help you plan everything in your life smartly.

Life Reading Report

With life reading report, we can help you broader your views, boost confidence, and take decision wisely. Get it now.

Ask A Question

Ask a question or ask question astrology to our chief astrologer, who is profoundly educated in Vedic…

Horoscope Dosha And Remedies

Horoscope dosha and remedies or horoscope dosha and its remedial solutions provided…

Dashafal Report

Dashafal report or dasha predictions are our comprehensive astrological services consisting of all the analysis…

Celebrity Astrologer Pt AMRITESHWAR ANAND

With aim to spread awareness about Indian Vedic Astrology Expert Astrologer AMRITESHWAR ANAND has come into existence. Here there is a sincere attempt to guide people at large using Vedic Astrology provisions. Our online presence helps person residing far away from us.
Our chief Best Online Astrologer AMRITESHWAR ANAND, crowned as one of Best Astrologer in South Delhi, has acquired .in –depth knowledge about Astrology. Years of practical experience has helped to arrive at right conclusion. He has guided huge number of persons to make life better for them. Some more details about our activities in field of Astrology is listed below.

It is our endeavour to also point all the main astrological news to the website for your necessary information so that you can get all kinds of Astrology News, astrological events, all puja related information, Upcoming Astrology Events and Influences from time to time, and information about the visible information of astrological-related information. Is not everything in your life as good as it is supposed to be? Are you upset with downward slope of success in your chosen career? Astrologer On Phone for solutions in astrology.


  • Very good & genuine astrologer in Delhi. I am very satisfied with the astrology services. Specially his horoscope reading for my career so accurate and effective that I can not define in words. So I have no hesitation to recommend him to all. Thanks Pandit ji for your decisive remedy and guidance.

    Lalit Chauhan

    Delhi, India
  • I was introduced to Acharya AMRITESHWAR ANAND through my sister. Thanks to his guidance and upaya, I got positive results in my legal dealings. I am very grateful for his timely intervention and support and highly recommend him.

    Pranita Nayar

  • AMRITESHWAR ANAND Ji is one of those rare professional who knows his subject and is a true guide . He has been helping me for quite some time now. His simple and effective advices have helped me to cope up in times of difficulties and are showing results. He has been a friend , guide and mentor for me and I wish him all success in his future services for mankind.

    Debraj Chaki

    West Bengal
  • Astrologer AMRITESHWAR ANAND is like a family now to me. i have consulted them often, and the results have been very good and their analysis straightforward. When I confused about my career and it turning into a boring story, I consult Astrologer Pant and now very happy. I will advise them in each new work. thanks to Astrologer AMRITESHWAR ANAND.

    Malti Mehra

    Gurgaon, NCR
  • I was facing so many problems in my life. I was not getting a job anywhere else. I can honestly say that, I have searched in Google – best astrologer in Delhi and I met with Pandit ji. After meeting with pandit ji my confidence label has been improved. He provide me some astro remedies regarding job. Now I am working in Noida and enjoying my job. AMRITESHWAR ANAND ji remedies have proven very helpful to me. He is very patient and explains things in great detail. Thank you for your true advice. I recommend to all to meet with pandit ji for astrology advice. Always regards pundit ji

    Amit Mago

    Delhi, India

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